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Looking for a new home can be very challenging: in Mallorca it can be a real nightmare!

  • When visiting a property you think might be a possibility, it turns out to be different from the description, or omits key information.
  • Important parts of the property are not legally constructed, or “do not exist” on the property’s paperwork, leading to huge difficulties in the buying process.
  • The agent will only show properties they have in their own portfolio, missing out the superior property 400m away which could be ideal for you.
  • Very time consuming, visiting properties to end up with a shortlist matching your wishes.
  • It can make the search feel like a grueling and endless task, which can take all the fun out of the searching process, which it doesn’t have to be at all.
  • You live abroad and simply don’t have all the time in the world to fly to Mallorca to visit every single possible matching property.

Who are Property Finders Mallorca?

We love real estate and we love to helping people find their new home.

Our experienced team of property finders have a wealth of experience in real estate. We know all the potential problems clients may run into when searching for a new home by themselves or through regular agents, and how to avoid these problems.

How can we be of service?

When you use our services, you will get a dedicated property finder who will search just for you. Based on our first meeting, we create a personalized property search tailored to your precise needs.

Property Finders Mallorca has NO portfolio of properties for sale. What we do have is a strong network throughout the island comprising private owners and smaller boutique agents, in this way we have access to some of islands property gems which are not buyable in any other way, and you won’t find them on Idealista, Kyero etc., or in the larger chains in real estate agents. A lot of business in Mallorca is based and built around personal relationships and this is where our strength lies.

When we think we have found a match, we check it out ourselves first, if it doesn’t fit the bill, you won’t waste your time coming to see something that is not what you want.

How do you benefit:

  • No waste of your time. Your time is precious. When you visit a property, you will know it meets your criteria, and the paperwork is in order.
  • No endless searches.
  • Having access to a different network of property sources and not just portals.
  • Transform your search from struggle into a very pleasant and effective experience.

The advantages

How does it work?

After you contact us, we will have our initial meeting to build the profile of what kind of new home you want. After signing a search request agreement, we will start the search. Within the agreed timeframe, we present to you the properties that match your criteria.

Wow! This sounds expensive.

Well you would think so. As our agents invest a lot of time and energy, using their experience and resources in the search. But reality is different. In the end our service will cost you nothing!

How is that?

At the outset we agreed upon a commitment fee, to cover a part of the initial costs (time, travel expenses etc.). When we can proceed with the buying process of one of the selected properties, we will refund you the commitment fee in the purchase price. When you buy a property in Mallorca, a part of the purchase price are expenses for the selling agency. We make an agreement with them and can refund your commitment fee. Isn’t that great?

So what to do now?

Get in contact with us the sooner you start, the sooner you will be in your dream home.