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All advantages

How does it work?

After you contact us, we will have a first meeting online or in person and build a profile of the type of property  you are searching for. After signing a search request agreement, we will start our search. Within the agreed timeframe, we present you 7 properties that match your search.

Wow, this will cost me a fortune probably?

Well you would think so. As our agents invest a lot of time, energy, experience, their passion and costs in the search. But reality is different. In the end our service will cost you nothing!

How is that?

In the start we agreed upon a commitment fee, to cover a part of the initial costs (time, travel expenses etc.). When we can proceed with the buying process of one of the properties selected, we will refund you the commitment fee in the purchase price. Because when you buy a property in Mallorca, a part of the purchase price are expenses for the selling agency. We make an agreement with them and can refund your commitment fee. Isn’t that great?

So what to do now?

Get in contact with us as fast as you can if you like to have a higher quality of life. And your dream house of course!