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  • When visiting the property, it turns out to be totally different from the description.
  • Important parts of the property are not legal, or “do not exist” on the paperwork.
  • The agent will only show properties they have in their own portfolio and are not always transparent about this.
  • Hugely time consuming, visiting endless properties to end up with a shortlist matching your needs.
  • It takes all the fun out of the searching process.

Who are Property Finders Mallorca?

We love Real Estate and we love helping people find their new home.

Our experienced team of property finders have a long history in real estate. We know all the pitfalls clients are likely to run into when they are searching for a good new home by themselves or through regular agents.

Why would you ask us for this?

When you use our services, you will get a dedicated (native speaking) property finder who will search just for you. Based on our first meeting with you, we create a bespoke, personalized search.

Property Finders Mallorca has NO portfolio of properties for sale. The properties we will find, will not just be coming from the well known portals. We have a strong network throughout the island with a great selection of homes available. When we think we have found a match, we go first to check it out ourselves, saving you from numerous wasted journeys to properties that are not what you want.

What is your benefit:

  • Saves your precious time, as the visits are vetted and checked to be exactly what you are looking for.
  • No endless searches.
  • Having access to a different network of sources much of which never goes on the search portals.
  • Transforming the search from a struggle into a pleasant and effective experience.